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December 3, 2018

Industrial additives in 1994, M-DEX is produced by using the organic binder for casting mold method. Thanks to this molding technology, mass production of medium and small quantities as well as the level of control of the caster has been improved.
M-DEX increases filling of molds, prevents thermal expansion, generates low gas, and improves workability and management of the casting sand while suppressing the occurrence of scabs. It is also easy to control moisture.
Since M-DEX reacts at a temperature about 270°C or higher and is almost carbonized at 570°C, the expansion force of the mold is partially absorbed into the void space and the thermal expansion force is reduced. It is directly carbonized by the heat of the molten metal, and the collapsibility of the mold is improved. The gas generated by adding M-DEX is safer than coal and synthetic resin, and the generation of gas is less, while the lower fill index increases fluidity at low moisture.
AF#2 prevents veining and scabs on the castings, improves formability, increases airflow and toughness of molding sand as well as the quality of sand, improving collapsibility and casting quality by using small amounts.
The iron oxide prevents fine pinholes on the surface which gives products a clean surface, and the high point resistance at room temperature increases the moldability of the mold and greatly improves the surface stability. This reduces defects such as mold removal, sand washing, expansion, cracking and spreading of the mold.
When AF#2 is exposed to heat, the main property of AF#2 changes and the coking power is weakened which makes the mold collapsible and the desizing work easy. The platelike structure is artificially changed through a special process, resulting in a deformed structure in which many branches are formed at the center of the circle. These branches create toughness, which allows the shatter index to increase without increasing casters’ strength. AF#2 absorbs heat from a heat source and emits it very slowly, so it suppresses creation of scrap.
Dextrin is a natural adhesive widely used in textile, paper, food, medicine, pesticide, welding rods, and stationery. Dextrin is a processed product that is created by chemically and physically changing the starch. Because starch is insoluble in cold water, it has limited usage. But when it is dextrinized. it can be dissolved in cold water which allows it to have various usages.
The white powder with a low viscosity dissolves transparently when heated, whereas the yellow powder dissolves completely in cold water. The deep yellow powder dissolves completely in cold water but has a disadvantage of carbonized scums being easily detected.
It is used for cast forming binders, adhesive for welding rod coating, adhesive for grinding stone, colloid stabilizers for aqueous fuel, and coating agent of alcoholic type.
Established in 1967, SUNGJIN F.T. has been manufacturing and selling casting sand subsidiary products. The main products are M-Dex, AF#2, and DEXTRIN is prepared binders for foundry molds or cores. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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