Korean Rice Pasta

Korean Rice Pasta


Spicywitch Topokki

Spicywitch Topokki, a Korean style stir-fired rice pasta, can be cooked easily and comfortably within three minutes by simply adding boiling water. A must-have item for overseas trips and camping, Spicywitch Topokki can also be stored at room temperature as its shelf life is up to 12 months.
This soft and tangy topokki made of 98% rice is not easily overcooked, so it tastes good even when it is cooled off. Made smaller than other stir-fried rice cakes, it features excellent texture, with shortened cooking time for the wellabsorbed sauce.
Containing no preservatives, it offers deep flavor thanks to the patented powdered sauce made in the golden ratio. Spicywitch Topokki is currently exported to the USA, the UK, and the Netherlands.


This is a nutritious chili sauce made by using natural ingredients such as spicy green or red chili, dried anchovy, dried kelp, plum sauce, and traditionally brewed soy sauce.
This additive-free product contains no preservatives, synthetic flavoring, artificial flavor enhancer, or chemical colorings. It is highly enriched sauce differentiated from other sauces suitable for vegetarians and children and a versatile sauce that enhance any dish.
Thebab Co., Ltd. produces stir-fried dishes, various stews, and soups, noodles such as ramen and pasta) meat sauce, and fish dishes. Its products are certified by FDA and ISO 22000 and received the Hi Seoul award for an excellent product brand. They are sold at Hyundai Department Store and Lotte Mart in Korea and supermarkets in the Netherlands. It is also being supplied for the New York Christmas season. The company is also producing stir-fried dishes, various stews and soups, noodles(ramen/pasta), meat sauce, and fish dishes.

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