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The 35th BeFe BABYFAIR | Korean Products

January 11, 2019

BeFe BABYFAIR has been evaluated as representing Koreas successful exhibition. BeFe has been expanded and developed its business to baby portal sites, online shopping mall, mobile business, educational/cultural business and the media. Today, BeFe creates a new business model in exhibition industry. BeFe stands for Beyond Fair & Exhibition, and Building Enhanced Family Experience, which represents BeFe as a Total Marketing Brand in pregnancy/childbirth/infant and promotes family lifestyle. Held twice a year in Seoul, BeFe BABYFAIR is the first exhibition of baby products in Asia, which attracts 140 exhibitors with their famous brands from 20 countries around the world. Exhibitors participate at BeFe BABYFAIR as a market test-bed for its new products and promotions. It is recognized as a must-attend exhibition who are planning to launch baby products in Korea. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods


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