Creative Design Products

L-diff provides a space to find the latest works from various Korean artists that are difficult to encounter elsewhere ( All L-diff works are carefully curated by professional designers, presenting a wide spectrum of artists and works of art ranging from modern spaces to cute and charming spaces. Above all, it helps the artist through the sales of art works while leading fine consumer trends.

It consists of two product lines: the Open Edition that houses artist’s works at reasonable prices to give satisfaction to consumers, and a Limited Edition that includes the author’s autographs and edition numbers.
L-diff is an art fair trade platform that leads the art fair trades, paying artists at a high royalty as much as 50% of their net profits. L-diff is an artistic professional agency dedicated to all processes such as planning, manufacturing, sales, distribution, and export for the commercialization of works, as well as online and offline promotion. This social venture drives the creation of greater works through the system. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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