The AMF Aqua Maskpack, consisting of two items – a mask pack and an eye patch, uses AMF patented ingredients to keeps moisture in the skin for up to 120 hours with its ability to block moisture evaporation and strong water absorption.
AMF Aqua Mask Pack is made of 100% Lyocell fabrics featuring softness and elasticity, whereas the AMF Aqua Eye Patch uses a hydrogel with a high-concentration of 9g of 100% essence.
Its key features include dual functioning of wrinkle removal and whitening, a 120-hour moisturizing effect, and excellent water balance control.

MBcosmic Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016 under the motto of “Creating High-Quality and Practical Products that are Customer-Oriented beyond Ordinary Cosmetics.” MBcosmic is currently exporting mask packs, soaps, and cosmetics to China and the Philippines, and is preparing to export to Vietnam. Its main products include mask packs, soaps, skin care products, cleansing tissues, and sun creams.
MBcosmic is constantly striving to produce safe and exclusive products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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