Medical Toothbrush

ParDeToo, produced by Idea Company, is a patented toothbrush equipped with a micro digital motor. The large and small projections of bristles are geometrically arranged to perform interdental flossing, providing gum massage and plaque removal. The silicone attached to the toothbrush protrusion enhances the moisturizing, antibacterial, whitening, and breathing effects, while the fluidity of the protrusion improves the interlocking action of the gum massage and plaque removal. The columns hold the bristles strongly and stop them from widening, a problem that is commonly found in conventional toothbrushes.

Geometrically placed large and small bristles deliver soft and strong force to remove plaque and provide a massaging effect on gums that are weakened from implant treatment. The flexible brush head neck thoroughly cleans the teeth, reaching every corner of the mouth without blind spots. It does not apply too much force to the surface of teeth, thus preventing dental corrosion. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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