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February 22, 2019

Rich with shea butter and vitamin E, Nourishing Hand Cream features quick absorption, non-stickiness, and long-lasting rich fragrance
Pink Milk Mask is clinically tested for the improvements lasting for 14 days after use. This product is packed with specially formulated Brightening complex (cherry blossom, lotus flower, lily extracts for a shiny and dewy complexion
The ultra-fine microfibre sheet sticks perfectly to contours of the face with an extremely comfortable fit with no slippage. Hair & Body Mist is ranked the first in a blind test by Get it Beauty, Republic of Korea’s No.1 beauty show.
This ultimate hair and body mist is usable instead of perfume and is travel-friendly, being easy to take anywhere for all-day freshness. It hydrates body with a refreshment anytime, anywhere, emitting the light mist all over with a delicate scent that is subtle but long-lasting

Containing a rich amount of green tea and mineral Water to keep skin and hair moist and hydrated, DUFT&DOFT is Korea’s top hand cream brand Made with the finest naturally-based ingredients, all DUFT&DOFT products are tested to ensure the highest safety standards. In Olive Young, Republic of Korea’s largest health&beauty store, DUFT&DOFT has been sales ranking No.1 hand cream among Korean brands, and proudly sales ranking No.1 among all global brands in 2018 | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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