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February 22, 2019

3-In-1 Foundation includes whitening, SPF50+ PA+++, and anti-wrinkle functions. Its cushion is designed to provide buildable coverage, dewy afterglow, deep moisture, and vivid skin tone. It also gives skin elasticity, natural cover, brighter skin tone, and smooth texture.
Lip Tights Color Stick is composed of hydrating contents and adhesive texture, which expresses vivid color evenly on lips. Bouncy Oil Gel Tint Glow is a light type of texture and provides long-lasting vivid color with a single touch. Finally, Vitamin Lip Tattoo gives day and night long wear while providing nutrients to the lips.

There are two types of eyeshadows, both designed by a new formula of cohesive pigment pact, and smooth and soft type for adhesive and smooth application. For eyeliners, its unique formula has a strong waterproof function and colorful components with vivid color. Some could be used as a shadow. Its mascaras include specialized brush and waterproof functions to maximize its mascara effects.
Beauty People is a color cosmetics brand of Beauty People Co., Ltd. that has been developed and produced by cosmetics specialists with expertise. Its brand is well-known for its lovely chic design and is firmly supported by customer reviews without its own marketing. Globally recognized for brand competitiveness, the company takes pride in its products of high quality, provided at honest prices, and designed by professionals. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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