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March 11, 2019

HelloGanic is a 100% vegan green market and lifestyle beauty brand that brings healthy green energy to everyday life with fresh raw materials and refreshing imagination. Just as a daily nutrient is required to maintain a person’s health, it is filled with a freshness that presents the nutrition of the green food needed for the skin every day. It is produced according to strict quality standards and also by applying excellent technologies such as a natural preservation system and low-temperature aging method. This brings not only health benefits but also skin improvement effects, thereby allowing the natural efficacy to be fully transmitted to the skin.
The HelloGanic One a Day Mask consists of four types: One a Day Vegetable Mask – Firming; One a Day Fruit Mask – Brightening; One a Day Grain Mask – Pore Refining; and One a Day Water Mask – Hydrating. By using a soft cotton sheet instead of general mask materials, the skin irritation is reduced while increasing the super absorbency of active ingredients. In addition, the healthy natural ingredients ensure safe use even for super sensitive skin.
A concentrated ampoule of 23 ml is compressed into a single sheet to help fundamentally improve skin problems, helping to boost the skin’s natural resilience. In addition, 100% Tremella fuciformis extract, a natural vegetable moisturizer, was used. With a moisture retention capacity of 120% or more compared to hyaluronic acid, the Tremella fuciformis extract provides skin moisture retention.

Newfeel Co., Ltd., established in 2011, uses only organic natural plant-based ingredients while containing no harmful ingredients. In addition, the company provides pure and effective skincare to customers by producing only pure and exquisite products through its exclusive knowledge, innovative technologies accumulated through long research by using natural ingredients.
All Newfeel products are made by using only EWG 1-2 Green grade ingredients and are vegan certified. Also dermatologically tested, they can be used safely by anyone. Newfeel owns two brands: Huangjisoo, a skincare brand that pursues perfect cleansing; and HelloGanic, a brand designed to bring the experience of selecting and applying green foods for the skin by adopting the organic market concept. Newfeel’s effective and sensual products are enjoying rapid growth, while being exported to major stores and grocery chains such as Whole Foods and Costco in over 20 countries. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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