Baby Stroller

PRONTO is a baby stroller with a nicely curved design. Accommodating two or more kids, it can be used as a bassinet, stroller, and a wagon.
It provides different ways to travel with any family on the go, while giving children a comfortable place to rest, play, eat, sleep and relax. PRONTO is equipped with an easy folding system without removal of canopy or seats. It can also be folded within seconds into a compact package that can be transported easily.
Offering excellent flexibility and spaciousness compared to conventional strollers, it folds down smaller, thus securing more space in the trunk and the cargo. PRONTO is a product that can satisfy both design and function.
Founded in 2016, JMINTL Co., Ltd. has been exporting products for babies and kids. With its own R&D department, JMINTL has developed WEGO and PRONTO based on its vast experience and know-how in producing such products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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