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Multi-functional Chairs | Korean Products

The 370F Electric Backwash Unit is an electric all-purpose shampoo chair for one-stop service. The chair can be rotated left/right, allowing hair care services and shampooing without moving, and can also be used for various beauty services such as eyelash extensions, eyebrows, facial care, make-up, etc. as an all-purpose chair.

The 250 Back Shampoo Unit is a self-reclining back shampoo chair adopting an innovative selfreclining mechanism allows customers to lean back automatically when seated and get shampoo service in comfortable position. (patented in China, Japan, Republic of Korea and USA)

The 350F Electric All-Purpose Chair is an electric reclining chair that is ideal for various beauty care services such as eyelash extensions, eyebrows, hair styling, make-up, skincare, etc. Remote control enhances user convenience and increases work efficiency. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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