Korea Traditional Paper Table Lamp


This is an LED table lamp with mixed design of both traditional and modern figures. The frame of this table lamp is made of special Korean traditional paper called

“hanji,”and designed with Korean letters. The shade of the lamp is also made of hanji, which provides a sophisticated atmosphere by creating soft and gentle light. The Hanji LED Lamp is 100% handmade using natural resources. Plaster fragrance comes along with the Hanji LED Lamp. It is made of natural plaster powder and has a certificate of authentication that proves it is safe.

CS E&L Co., Ltd. is a start-up company established in 2017. The company is currently focusing on traditional Korean Hanji LED lighting developed by combining traditional crafts with traditional Korean designs.
CS E&L has been expanding into overseas markets and applying Korean technologies to traditional crafts and patterns, adding to the popularity of K-POP and K-Drama. The company plans to focus on the development of other Korean-style items and develop qualitative and quantitative growth

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