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Meet Global Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Professionals at ICPI WEEK | Korean Products

April 25, 2019

The International Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical Industry Week (ICPI WEEK 2019), where visitors can get a glimpse of advanced pharmaceutical and cosmetic development and production technology information, will be held from April 16 to 19 in KINTEX, Ilsan, Korea.
Covering six items including raw materials and other materials, research experiment, materials processing, manufacturing packaging and logistics technology, ICPI WEEK 2019 will be a perfect venue for networking and information exchange over the period of four days with experts from 850 companies in 20 countries. In addition, more than 100 other events will be held, including the AI international conference for new drug development, presentations by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and technical seminars.
Under the theme, “Commitment, Cooperation and Innovation,” a special exhibition introducing bio-venture companies will be held in order to provide ideas for promoting product innovation and reducing cost risks such as R&D through external cooperation.
ICPI WEEK 2019 will consist of the following six exhibitions;

KOREA PHARM & BIO 2019 (Korea Int’l Pharmaceutical & Bio-pharma Exhibition)
KOREA PHARM & BIO 2019 is where you can check out the finished products, raw material pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and research, clinical analysis services, AI companies, start-ups and bio-venture companies. In addition, approximately 70 companies from India and China, the partner countries of raw materials and fine chemicals, will be introduced.

CI KOREA 2019 (Korea Int’l Cosmetic Ingredient & Technology Exhibition)
CI KOREA 2019 is designed to contribute to the development and quality improvement of cosmetics by informing the industry of excellent products and technologies in the rear industries such as cosmetics raw materials, materials, cosmetics OEM & ODM and cosmetics packages in line with the growth of the Korean cosmetics.

KOREA LAB 2019 (Korea Int’l Laboratory, Analytical Equipment & Bio-technology Exhibition)
KOREA LAB 2019 presents products that reflect the new trends and new technology and related markets, experiment and research analysis of Bio Technology (BT), Chemical Technology (CT), and Nano Technology (NT). In addition, as the demand and growth of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environment and food industries are growing, the current status of the domestic scientific equipment market can be seen at a glance.

KOREA CHEM 2019 (Korea Int’l Chemical Processing & Equipment Exhibition)
KOREA CHEM 2019 introduces a wide range of materials processing technologies used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and fine chemicals. In KOREA CHEM 2019, exhibiting material processing technologies, powder processing, chemical machinery, power transmission, control equipment and systems, plant engineering, as well as environment-related products.

COPHEX 2019 (Korea Int’l Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Bio Process & Technology Exhibition)
COPHEX 2019 introduces manufacturing facilities for material processing and sterilization, and clean room equipment, packaging machinery and materials, and inspection and water treatment equipment, processing technology, management and outsourcing solutions for pharmaceutical and cosmetic hygiene and safety.

KOREA MAT 2019 (Korea Int’l Materials Handling & Logistics Exhibition)
This largest B2B event in Korea will introduce representative logistics services, excellent start-ups, logistics IT and logistics R&D, unmanned robots, as well as autonomous navigation technology that will lead the high value-added logistics industry in the era of Logistics 4.0. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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