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May 2, 2019

Sevendrops is a rawganic (organic and unprocessed) skincare cosmetics brand that uses authentic certified essential oils and natural ingredients with scarcity value. Giving greater significance to using raw material as it is, rawganic cosmetics has an excellent moisturizing effect without irritating the skin. Sevendrops helps give the skin an ability to self-cure by using organic ingredients and avoiding artificial treatment.

Maska Max Combination Spray Serum in Mask is a new concept product that has a high popularity in Korean social network. This serum type product contains various antioxidant ingredients, not only providing the skin with moisture but also having a dual function of whitening and wrinkle improvement. Formulated with soft and fine texture, it makes the skin smooth and glow. The vanilla smell from original raw material (vanilla-plonifolia) can relax mood when applying.
Maska Max is a multi-care product for skin. When applied after makeup, it gives the skin moisture and makes it glow. It can also be used as a sleeping mask by applying it thickly at the last step of skincare. CFDA regulation for the product is in progress.

Balancing Care Set (CRISTE-MARINE Hydrate Firming Fluid & BABASSU Active Firming Emulsion) includes fluid and emulsion products approved by CFDA (China Food & Drug Administration). This basic skin care set can maintain skin moisture through balance oil and water. Its wrinkle improvement function also brings lifting effect and elasticity to the skin. Balancing Care Set is suitable for both men and women. The essence-type fluid with little viscosity and the emulsion gives a feeling of smooth moisturizing layer.
RK Internatioanl Co., Ltd. specializing in producing naturalistic cosmetics made from only natural raw material from the nature. The company uses certified organic essential oils and natural ingredients and invests in improving the quality of its products by reducing the production of containers and boxes that are a huge part of production costs. RK Internatioanl is also engaged in various social contribution activities such as medical and drinking water supply and environmental conservation in the production area (Madagascar). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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