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May 23, 2019

Byeol & Byeol Charm, a 100% natural fruit snack, is produced by drying with the most complex drying method closest to natural drying,

to minimize the destruction of the nutrients contained in the fruits.
Unlike other freeze-dried and vacuum-dried products, Byeol & Byeol Charm offers excellent taste and texture. It contains no sugar-free, artificial preservative and fragrance, or artificial coloring as it is made with only freshly dried fruits.
Jeju Tangerine Chips is a dried fruit product made by thinly slicing carefully selected high-sugar citrus fruits cultivated in Jeju and then drying them to bring out the original citrus

flavor and its sweet and sour taste.
Dried Apple Chips are a dried fruit product made by thinly slicing the selected apples produced in Gyeongsang-do, Republic of Korea, and then drying them to deliver a crispy and sweet taste.
Established in 2014, JEUS has acquired a patent (No. 10-1815602) for drying equipment, ISO9001, ISO14001, Main-Biz, and designated as an Excellent Employment Company, and Promising Export Firm by the Small & Medium Business Administration. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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