Height Adjustable Washbasin


The tap-water-powered height adjustable washbasin developed by UD System Co., Ltd. allows the height of the washbasin to be easily adjusted with a single valve. Unlike other products that are difficult to use in water and humid toilets by needing electricity, this product is safe and environment-friendly since it can be controlled by tap water pressure without electricity. Once installed, there is no need to forcefully replace it according to the height of the resident, so it is economical due to saving replacement costs.

In recent years, demand has been steadily increasing, and it has received favorable responses from customers such as public silver houses and other housing for the elderly. Demand from homes with young children and homes for prospective honeymooners is also expected to increase.
Founded in 2014, UD System Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of height adjustable washbasins. Its main products include height-adjustable sinks, basins, and tables. Seeking barrier-free lifestyles with technological innovation and universal design, the company is currently developing products that can be remodeled and exported overseas.

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