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May 29, 2019

UF046R is a non- contact, fall-prevention sensor. Using UWB impulse radar technology, it can automatically determine the risk of falling and detect whether a patient is on the bed, as well as whether the patient is moving around the bed or on the bed.

UP046R and UP079 are high-precision short-distance occupancy sensors that detect movement within 10 to 13m distance and breathing. It features various application algorithms to provide occupancy, intrusion, activity, and breathing. It can also be installed in various locations such as walls, doors, and ceilings. The US240R is a medium-range security sensor utilizing FMCW radar technology.

It detects humans within 40 to 50m and vehicles within 70 to 80m. US240R is IP67 rated waterproof and dustproof.
Established in 2012, UMAIN Inc. has been devoted to research and development of UWB (Ultra Wide Band) high-resolution impulse radar technology. It has been engaged in mass production of UWB radar chips and developing related antenna and signal processing algorithms. Based on the reasonable price and flexibility of algorithm development, UMAIN has introduced solutions to overcome the limitations of existing sensors such as optical, ultrasonic, and motion sensors | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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