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June 13, 2019


Self-Stik Series is a dip and read test strip and intended for use as an in-vitro diagnostic aid using urine specimens. It can be used manually via color chart on the bottle and can also be read by AnyScan 720, Anyscan 300 and CK-60. It is a visual qualitative and semi quantitative test for the determination of blood, bilirubin, urobilinogen, ketones(acetoacetic acid), protein, nitrite, glucose, pH, specific gravity, leukocytes, ascorbic acid, microalbumin free radical (MDA), calcium, salinity in urine.

Self-Stik Vet is a urine test strip that is designed to detect values over different ranges suited specifically for use in a veterinary field. It is a useful indicator of animal health and can be used to take a proactive approach to animal healthcare. The product has the world’s largest export market in the field of animal urine testing. It is applicable to pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, horses, cattle, sheep, and goats.
Self-Stik Health Series (urine analysis strips) allows the user to diagnose personal health status. The results can be checked visually by a color chart on the bottle and it takes only one to three minutes to generate the data.

Self-Stik FR (free radical urine test strip) is a simple urine test that detects MDA levels, which is a by-product during lipid peroxidation due to oxidative stress and/or insufficient level of antioxidants.
Self-Stik 2MC (microalbumin & creatinine urine test strip) provides qualitative and semi-quantitative determinations for Microalbumin and Creatinine.
Self-Stik Ca (calcium urine test strip) provides semi-quantitative determination of calcium ions in random urine sample.
Self-Stik ST (salinity urine test strip) provides a semi-quantitative determination of sodium/Chloride analysis through color chart.
Self-Stik NO (Nitric Oxide) is for Non-invasive saliva test, allowing the user to check Nitric Oxide (NO) levels.
Chungdo Pharm. Co. Ltd. has been producing IVD devices since its establishment in 1991, manufacturing various types of Self-Stik urine test strips, AnyScan urine analyzers, and mobile applications.

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