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June 20, 2019


Haedam Jichan is a product, made by using Korea’s first patented herbal soaking technique, that can be applied to various pollack-based foods such as braised pollack, pollack soup, baked pollack, pollack fried cake, cold buckwheat noodles with raw pollack. Long matured with ten medicinal herbal ingredients, this pollack features soft texture, and does not have the unique smell of Pollack.

The specially developed sauce with distinct flavor for steamed pollack, reproduces a unique spicy taste by using the green-grown chili peppers, which brings the taste that can only be available in a high-end Korean restaurant within just 15 minutes anytime and anywhere.
The squid, a new product, is a representative nutritional snack that meets both tastes of customers with a unique appearance and soft texture.
HaedamSusan Cooperative was founded in 2015 by five small business owners. Based on its patented soaking and maturation technology, the company manufactures dried herbal pollack and steamed herbal pollack.
Recently, the company has been devoted to research and development to provide diverse and unique products to consumers such as squid products as big as a child.
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