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June 25, 2019

OILARIA is the world’s only natural cosmetics made from sesame and perilla. The rich lignin in sesame seeds and the high content of omega-3 in perilla seeds are scientifically proven natural materials with excellent anti-aging, whitening, exfoliation, and moisturizing properties compared to other materials. Created through synergy branding with EWG 1st grade natural ingredients, OILARIA

products include Sesame Grounds Body Scrub, Sesame Grounds Facial Scrub, Sesame Seed Oil Lotion, Sesame Seed Oil Mask Pack and Perilla Ampoule Serum.
OILARIA contains no harmful ingredients such as micro-plastics, and it has obtained certifications including CPNP in Europe and FDA in the USA.
Jirisancheorum Corp. manufactures and sells premium edible oils such as sesame oil and perilla oil, that have acquired a traditional food certification and received international awards such as ITQI. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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