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July 18, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1907E01] LUIVEL, a representative digital and life brand suggesting a smart life in Korea, recently launched a new product, Link Pad, an all-in-one product containing functions of keyboard, mouse, and remote-controller. It has a light weight of 130g. It has a compact size (14711520mm) enough to be pocketed, so it allows the user to carry it conveniently anytime and anywhere.
It can noticeably be compatible with various kinds of smart devices such as smart TVs , PCs, laptops, tablets, beam projectors, etc. This is called a smart multi-controller that can be remotely controlled by

inserting a dongle – an external device to be connected to a USB port in order to support the Bluetooth function – into a smart device USB port. Anyone can use it easily by using an automatically created cursor on the display screen and clicking a button in order to execute a command.
If provides better grip feeling through ergonomic design by applying an UI/UX. It features a smooth feeling in use and response speed by a 4.2inch touch pad and 20 shortcut keys for functions of replay, volume, e-mail, direction key, etc.

The user can control all functions that were supported in its original design including watching videos, text operation, web-surfing, listening music, reading E-books, and presentations. By using the built-in rechargeable lithium battery BL-5C, the user recharges it conveniently through a USB port.

In order to minimize the power consumption of the battery, the auto sleep mode is automatically executed if the check regarding use is not made within 60 seconds. It can be used for up to approximately 20 hours if ambient light is not used at the same time.
While fully displaying its own basic functions as a product, its sophisticated matte-finished body delivers a unique design that emphasizes aesthetic aspects. And nine kinds of ambient lights in the keypad can be conveniently used either in daytime or night time – adding a stylish feature to the product.

The ambient lights can be freely changed by using the shortcut keys or touchpad into a color style that depends on the user’s preference. By using a scroll on touchpad, in a time of change, more varied displays of colors are possible, except the existing displays of nine colors.
Thus, Link Pad presents the standard of the newly requested smart multi-controller by displaying methods by which the user can use smart devices smarter in their daily lives. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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