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July 19, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1907E06] Founded in 2007, BSL is a professional sound company that protects people from the sounds of the world and delivers the sounds of the world to people. It develops and possesses key technologies related to hearing aids.
It has been recognized as a key technology by the Korean government and has been invited to participate in the national project organized by the government, and is conducting research on this subject.
BeethoSOL EM-V100 is unlike the other TWS earbuds that has only Bluetooth technology for phone calls / music streaming. EM-V100 has

a built-in hearing aid function so that people with hearing loss can also benefit from wearing this earbud to enjoy music, and talking on the phone. It also has a dedicated app so that the user can control and manage their hearing on their own.
BeethoSOL does not raise all sounds in all frequencies just like a regular sound amplifier does. BeethoSOL is applied with advanced noise reduction technology that allows you to hear the sounds that are supposed to be

heard, such as the voices of people, music, and beeps, and reduce ambient noise such as wind sounds and horn sounds.
BeethoSOL also uses a balanced armature high-performance speaker unit which delivers lively bass, and clear high frequency sounds. Combined with the latest wireless communication technology Bluetooth 5.0, you can experience superior sound quality beyond the limitations of wireless earbuds.
In addition, BeethoSOL has an exclusive fitting app which lets you customize the sound to suit your hearing needs, and most importantly, it has Ai technology that automatically adjusts the sound suitable to the environment in which the individual is in to provide a better listening experience. Moreover, it is fully rechargeable. Now, you can experience the benefits of BeethoSOL which will increase your confidence to hear and communicate freely and enjoy music. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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