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July 22, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1907E07] Since it was established, Sauber has always done its best to provide ultimate cleanliness and comfort under the brand name ‘Sauber,’ which means ‘cleanliness and purity’ in the German language. As a result of this, Sauber has grown increasingly popular among customers as a leading company in the lens-cleaner market in Korea.
Sauber is not merely content with its current success, and is thus pursuing more cleanliness and comfort to become a world-leading company in the lens-cleaner market.

Sauber’s lens-cleaner products based on German technical skills are recognized for their high quality. Sauber is the only one that can make Original Equipment Manufacturer products. It means that the products can be produced in a variety of designs.
Therefore, Sauber’s products can be sold for promotional events and advertisements for optical products. That is why Sauber now has major optical chains as its customers, such as Davichi, 1001 Glasses, Ankyung Nara and Glasses manager.
Recently, carcinogens in household products have become a hot issue. Sauber took this issue seriously because Sauber thinks that all customers have a right to enjoy safe products. As Sauber pursued customers’ safety first, Benzene, Arsenic, formaldehyde which could affect the human body in a bad way are not contained in our products. Furthermore lemon flavoring is added for customers who are very sensitive to alcohol.

As smartphones and glasses have become indispensable items in society, the risk of exposure to germs has increased. However, Sauber’s products kill a variety of germs with 99.9% antibacterial activity so that its customers can enjoy ultimate cleanness. The aim of Sauber is to help its customers to enjoy their indispensable products anytime and anywhere with ultimate safety and cleanliness.
Currently Sauber is growing at a surprising speed. Thanks to its recent notable great sales profits, Sauber built a new factory in Gyeryong-si, which is three times bigger than the existing one in Daejeon. Thus, the futures of Sauber and the lens cleaner market are expected to brighten and flourish.

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