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July 22, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1907E08] GVLABS presented its world’s-first, state-of-the-art wireless charging A.I smart glasses ‘ Givor’ at the Las Vegas CES show in January 2019, drawing keen attention there. It is a smart glasses that has simultaneous interpretation using A.I and offline translation function.
Since GVLABS was established in 2017, the company has been dedicated to developing new technologies, researches, and products to present to the world. Smart glasses is now the most interesting and prospective trend for the smart device industries.

GVLABS is co-working with companies such as ENERGOUS of the United States, SK TELESYS of Korea, STORMOR of China and others that are leading the newest technology.
Created through collaboration, the Smart Glasses ‘Givor’ suggests new alternatives that are not already in place.
The world’s first true wireless-charging smart glasses and charger can be charged up to one meter. It has a ‘simultaneous translation’ function into a more natural language with an artificial intelligence server. It also has an offline translation function that is effective even if in a unique situation including no mobile phone, or no connection to an Internet network.

It can be useful in situations where overseas travel or other interpretation is needed. The artificial intelligence server learns languages itself everyday so it can provide better service every time.
Glasses can be used up to 48 hours when using with hard case. It can be used as a secondary power bank battery concept. Using Bluetooth to listen to music and A.I voice assistant service, it can help you enjoy your life better.
The Bone conduction speaker provides safe sound. This ensures that there is no risk of the wearer’s natural audible range being reduced or blocked out. GV8 can guide the distance from player to the green of the golf course using GPS.

The company is working with ‘ Golf yardages, ‘ which is building data based on aviation maps, uses more accurate map data. The company can help you play golf more interestingly.
The GV8 product was launched to help more people to enjoy golf. The development of the product originated from the discomfort that many staffs actually felt when playing golf. Thus, the idea was started by necessity.
The GV8 product is made with designers’ ergonomic practical design and technology.
It provides visually beautiful, structural stiffness with minimal size and weight. GV8 allows the user to enjoy outdoor activities without concerns through resistance to shocks and damage during real life and sports activities.

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