Cellular Phone Accessories


[INQ. NO. 1907E11] HANSEN Corporation is a specialized company in the manufacturing, development, and distribution of cellular phone accessories. Its own brands include Altoro and Koala.

It has been developing cellular phone cases by using various kinds of materials including metals, jellies, silicon, etc. It also has cute fancy items and diary cases that are convenient to use.
For special sales, various types of mobile phone cases can be printed and formed in various styles, so the user can choose the product they

most prefer among various kinds of mobile phones cases designed for nearly all kinds of mobiles. Under its own Koala brand, the company manufactures and sells protection films and peripherals for mobile phones.
There are functional films for customers to choose, which are effectively applicable for general heat-resistant glass, 4D glass, glass attached to front side of things, etc. It has also manufactured several kinds of peripherals such as smart rings, headphones, cables, and rechargers, etc.

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