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July 25, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1907E13] Recently, the numbers of young patients with presbyopia have increased due to their use of computers and smartphones over long periods. It is also believed that presbyopia should no longer be considered as a simple aging phenomenon, but rather as a new phenomenon brought about by the digital age. However, the technology related to presbyopia has yet to emerge globally.
In order to ease inconvenience for smartphone users with such presbyopia symptoms, a presbyopia-correcting startup Pixelro (CEO Kang Seok-myong) has developed a customized technology that enables users to clearly see their mobile phone screens according to their vision and distance between users and their phones.

Presbyopia Solution, recognized by Samsung Electronics

Pixelro was selected as an excellent task in June 2016 as part of Samsung Electronics’ in-house venture program “C-LAB,” and spun off as a presbyopia solution on November 1, 2017.
Pixelro currently consists of 10 employees: CEO Kang Seok-myong and two executives from Samsung Electronics, marketing, optical design, accounting, software, etc. Although it is a startup, it has a systematic working environment and its high technical skills are considered a strong point.
Pixelro has gathered together professional engineers such as optics, image processing, IoT (Internet of Things) and software to create new technologies for humankind.

With the goal of “Let’s make it possible,” Pixelro is constantly challenging itself to accomplish what everyone thought would be impossible. It has been acknowledged that its technology develops the presbyopia-correcting system, which has a higher penetration rate than the previous versions. Recently, it is currently developing a film that is used on a smartphone screen and an APP that can be adjusted automatically to provide clear screens suiting the eyes of people with presbyopia.
It is expected that Pixelro’s presbyopia solution will draw keen attention in overseas markets, as it has a wide range of applications such as car rearview mirrors and navigation. It is currently preparing for clinical tests on people with presbyopia and will showcase products under development at the KITAS exhibition in July and the China exhibition in November.

Privacy Case, First Launched in Crowdfunding WadiZ
Pixelro not only developed the presbyopia solution, but first launched its privacy case in South Korea’s largest crowdfunding, WadiZ. It achieved 100 percent of the target amount within just two hours and recorded 10 million won in sales within just one week.

Unlike conventional films, privacy cases can be removed and attached by combining film and case, and have privacy functions. It is an in-out type that protects privacy and smartphones at the same time, and is good for using a mobile phone without being watched by others in public places.
In addition to this, it has many advantages such as blocking blue light, strengthening glass, and excellent touch screen, and is receiving positive feedback from users.
“I have often heard that a presbyopia solution is impossible,” remarked Pixelro CEO Kang Seok-myong. “It is a difficult technology as it cannot be challenged, but we are on the verge of clinical trials as well as privacy cases.”
“We have been challenging ourselves to make the impossible possible, and we had a hard time failing in our projects, but we got closer to success step-by-step,” he explained. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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