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July 31, 2019

Ultra Cool Leaf Mask
[INQ. NO. 1907C32] This product contains plenty of essence and leaf patches that offers the feeling of nature. Ultra Cool Leaf Mask is as effective in cooling and calming as the package with colors that receives great attention recently. By applying the leaf to areas that are exposed to ultraviolet rays or areas that require intensive care and wrap the cool leaf sheet on it once more to feel the double-skincare effect.

Ultra Moisture Mask
This is a three-step mask sheet that makes the skin as moist as that of a baby. The conventional cosmetics with the lids to open and close cannot avoid air contact, fine dust, and other pollutants, whereas Ultra Moisture Mask comes in a pouch, thus can be used hygienically for one time use. It is composed of eye serum, soothing cream, and mask sheet, allowing to get high nutrition and moisturizing care with just one pack.

Ultra Time Return Eye Serum
This functional eye serum with a whitening and wrinkle-reducing double effect through the moisturizing and nutritional ingredients. Containing two types of vitamins and three types of peptide ingredients to turn the skin healthy and elastic, while the extract from the aloe vera leaves produced in Jeju, Korea excellently moisturizes the skin and helps to keep the eye rims clean and smooth.
Founded in 2016, A by Bom Cosmetics is a company that loves people and nature. As cosmetics is in direct contact with the skin, the company pursues beauty from raw materials derived from nature rather than using chemical composition. Its products are made from natural ingredients such as rice, beans, camellia, jasmine, lotus flower, black tea, and various grains, flowers, and vegetable oils.
In particular, A by Bom Cosmetics has accumulated expert know-how while experimenting many skin types in the field. Its products have been created by overcoming long trials and errors for a long time will not only bring about visible changes, but will also provide the pleasure of skin care as one cultivates a garden. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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