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July 31, 2019


Dry Bag
[INQ. NO. 1907C33] This product is popular with its high quality, unique design and various colors, and is well known for its appearances in TV. It comes in four sizes of 10LL, 15LL, 25L and 40LL, and 25L and 40L with large capacity is in fashionable backpack style.

Full Face Mask (Coral Tour)
This product is designed for snorkeling. One can enjoy snorkeling while breathing comfortably through both nose and mouth at the same time. In addition, the patented anti-frost film can be attached to the inside of the mask to provide clearer vision and safety while snorkeling. The exclusive lens prescription clip eliminates the inconvenience for those with low eyesight.

Long Pinback (MISS.H)
Long Pinback is a product made for easy carrying and storing of free diving longpins. Available in two sizes and suitable for all pre-diving pin sizes, Long Pinback is allowed on the plane, and the shoulder strap enables to carry it comfortably when traveling abroad.
Established by young divers in 2016, OCEANTAG is a company specializing in the manufacture of water equipment for advancement of the swimming and water sports industries., and has been created a variety of products through intensive researches and experiments on behalf of people who seek safe and entertaining water sports and plays.
Almost all its innovative products are patented and design registered – A unique and diverse color dry bag, a full-face snorkeling mask to help breathe easier, as well as long-pin bags and aqua socks. With its high-quality products, OCEANTAG is sponsoring broadcasts and spas in many water sports events to promote its brand image as professional water sports goods provider.

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