Functional & Health Foods

Liver Supplement is a tea made with a liver health substance JBB20 that is more effective compared to the existing medicines to improve liver function. It also has a hangover relieving effect that Silymarine does not provide.
Slim&Slim is a diet tea made with an anti-obesity food substance extracted from vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. It is effective for reducing body fat, cholesterol, and LDL without any side effects. The natural food type ingredients extracted from vegetables, fruits, and herbs help maintain beautiful body shape and skin.

Fatclean Meal is a weight-control formula food made with an anti-obesity food substance, Slim&Slim. This product contains Garcinia Cambogia extract that is rich in fiber and helpful in reducing body fat.
Wehayeah Plus is an anti-hangover drink made with JBB20Plus produced by using patented technology. Containing higher fruit content than existing products, it is good for hangovers and fatigue.
Nature’s Energizer is an energy drink with no sugar or caffeine made with JBB20Gold. It is developed to enhance physical performance and reduce drowsiness.

JBB20 Red Ginseng is a red ginseng drink made with JBB20Plus produced through its patented technology and has higher fruit content than its previous product. It is good for liver health, immunity and fatigue.
Bionutrigen Co., Ltd. has introduced products to help people to manage their liver health for many years. Its products can be used for general foods, and beverages, as well as functional foods. Currently, the company is exporting large quantities to the USA, the EU, Russia, China, and Canada, while also distributing its products to the US Forces in Korea. Bionutrigen has completed a clinical study for liver function improving agents in France in 2013, and the clinical results were presented at the Gastroenterology Conference in Berlin in June 2013.
Bionutrigen has two types of product lines; jbb20 for liver improvement, stamina, energy-boosting, and skincare, and Slim&Slim for reducing lipid, cholesterol, and fat as well as body shape improvement. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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