Rehabilitating Instrument

[INQ. NO. 1908C04] SMARTNECK is a device that enables measuring of neck muscle strength and flexibility and exercise of the neck. Through interaction with a smartphone application, it checks the neck flexibility and strength by numerical values, and informs the user of the actual health condition and age of the neck by analyzing the numerical value.
Through the BLE server system, the user’s throat strength, flexibility, and exercise data can be stored on the server, providing a service for lifelong management.

Expert researchers assembled this system using iron with the highest strength, anticorrosion paints and materials with proven durability supplied by selected material manufacturers. It is designed to intuitively send and receive data through Bluetooth and smartphone application.
Founded in 2016, Two Five Co., Ltd. is an affiliate research institute specializing in manufacturing instrument for neck exercise, rehabilitation and lifelong management as well as system R&D. Having obtained various patents with excellent technology and unique products, the company is preparing to release medical devices for doctors in 2019. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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