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August 27, 2019

CLIKINS-Oreun is designed to enable semi-permanent make-up for eyes, eyebrows and lips by using fine needles. It has various functions of whitening, wrinkle improvement, andproblem prevention with an increased absorption rate by creating minute holes in the skin through constant up and down vibration. This skincare product can be used by replacing cartridges

consisting of fine needles according to the skin’s condition.
Clikins Just 6days is a set of roller with 540 fine needles, ampoule, swab, repair cream, mask pack. This home skincare product can be used at home without going to a skincare shop. It can also be used by several families only by replacing roller heads. Designed for microneedle therapy system (MTS). Clikins Just 6days features excellent effects such as pain relieving through vibrator and skin stabilization function through six LEDs.
Clikins Smart Roller automatically adjusts the amount of ampoules without the user manually controlling through the micropores on the surface of the skin formed by fine needles. It can be used semi-permanently with a replaceable roller head consisting of 540 fine needles.

Since 2009, BIZ&MOLD Co., Ltd. has been providing OEM services to Derma pen in Italy, a world-famous MTS specialist. Starting as a mold manufacturer, now the company performs the entire processes from design to producing finished products, boosting competitiveness and differentiation in quality.
Through its accumulated exclusive expertise and data, the products of BIZ&MOLD give constant and uniform stimulation to the skin depending on the skin condition through optimized setting, allowing the best possible absorption. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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