Ultralight Sport Sunglasses


[INQ. NO. 1908C22] M-Sport Optics Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading manufacturers & exporters of ultralight sport sunglasses with high-functional lenses and pain relief air-cushion for bike seats despite its short three-year history. Its managing director, Thomas Won, remarked, “We will serve as your best and honored business partner.” Ultralight sport sunglasses with the brand name of MSPORTS, are divided into two models, namely, Eagle Hybrid and Smart Eye, respectively. They are mainly exported to the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

With 13g ultra-lightweight, the Eagle Hybrid sunglasses feature hybrid lenses(photochromic lenses combine polarized lenses) for sun sports, highly flexible frames made with 100% TR90. 99.9% UV A, B protection and reflected light protection.
The Smart Eye products have such features as night vision photochromic lens for day & night sports, highly flexible frames made by 100% TR90, weighing just 13g, 99.9% UV A, B protection and with bluelight protection.

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