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September 19, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1909C33] Pink Bubble Peel Mask is a product that helps to keep the skin moist and bright by freshly peeling dark and rough keratoderma with lactobacillus bubbles. The combination of Dermal Lactobacillus™, a lactic acid ingredient developed solely by its company, AHA, BHA and PHA substances and plant extracts with detoxification functions keep the skin fresh and detoxified and clean and purify it as well.
Upon being applied on the face, lactobacillus bubbles, which are two times richer and denser than those of other companies’ products, are immediately inflated to remove dermal waste created by fine dust, yellow dust and hazardous substances right away. It keeps the facial skin clean and bright by immediately washing away sebum and bodily waste stuck in pores. In addition, the tightly-woven pink cloth, which contains MICRO

AWAY™ technology and is made of microfiber that is thinner than a hair, is used to efficiently absorb waste stuck in between all of the fibers and to give a bubbly feeling as it is.

Unlike other general black bubble masks in the market, this product is grafted with the pink microfiber cloth to further enhance the effect of the product and to give an Instagrammable and fresh wearability. The way to use the product is as follows: After gently spreading the mask on the facial skin, enjoy a fresh face bubble peeling with inflating abundant lactobacillus bubbles and citrus scent. Take off the mask around 10 minutes later and lightly wash the face just with water. And, depending on the skin condition, use the special care product once or twice a week.
The Beautiful factr. is a dermal cosmetic brand launched by BABA FASHION, a leading company for ladies’ apparel in Korea, with its expertise in women’s lifestyles. This is a dermal lactobacillus brand that not only balances oil and moisture on the skin surface but also seeks proactive solutions to correct the skin asymmetry. Instead of complicated and excessive skincare products, the simple skincare routine and Skin Biotic™ mechanism will surely present you with the desired effects.
All of its products are manufactured by using dermal lactobacillus™ developed solely by its company as a main ingredient, while patented lactobacillus from BIOVITIS, a French bio company for eco-friendly new materials, is also used to increase the number of beneficial bacteria, stabilize the skin immune system, induce the skin renewal and strengthen the skin barrier. Clinical tests on each of the functions of all products and skin-irritating tests have been carried out. Except for some functional products, its products are safe and effective as slightly acid pH, natural aromatics, non-toxic substances and EWG Green Grade ingredients are used. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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