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[INQ. NO. 1910C45] Puritech’s anti-dust garments (COVERALL) are mandatory special coveralls for workers who work in CLASS1~CLASS1,000 zone clean rooms. Such special coveralls require high functionalities including particle prevention, antistatic property, chemical resistance, vapor permeability, half-life period, wearing sensation, and so forth. In compliance with such requirements, Puritech’s

garments are classified according to application by classes and the company supplies the best products according to quality management and favorable for cost management of anti-dust garments. In addition, logo, ID Marking System, minimizing worker’s fatigue, cleanroom contamination by people, and improving worker satisfaction are considered as top priorities. Puritech’s anti-dust garment is the best choice to prevent contamination by people, the most important issue in cleanroom maintenance.
Puritech’s wiper featuring unthreaded long fiber filament dual knit structure will add more value for customers, and strict process/quality/environment management of ISO9001/14001 ensures a more stable clean room environment. Various products in consideration of class levels offer the best choice in terms of process management and cost management.
Puritech’s anti-dust boots are an essential item in clean rooms, and dust-free polyurethane sole or conductive PVC sole is used. Ergonomic mold is used, or arch & air cushion is applied for some models to reduce tiredness from long-time wearing. The trend is moving from anti-dust shoes to safety shoes gradually due to safety-related issues. Even bulletproof insole is applied for some models to enhance safety and there is also a light safety shoe with remarkably reduced weight to solve the weakness of safety shoes.
The most significant feature of this company’s shoe is enhanced durability by adopting the Bonis sewing method which features a decided advantage compared with the regular bonding method.

Puritech Co., Ltd. is a cleanness product manufacturer that has led the way in the production of Korean cleanroom consumables. Established as Dongyang trading firm in 1974, the company has its head office in Pyeongtaek, a factory in Gumi, as well as Suzhou corporate (China), Xian corporate (China), and Hanoi corporate (Vietnam). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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