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November 5, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1911C51] Existing basin pop-up valve developed and distributed currently on the market cannot solve clogging, a fundamental problem of a basin. Chemical cleaners used when a basin is clogged by foreign substances like hair may threaten the user’s lung health and cause water contamination. Also, chemical cleaners can corrode metal products, shorten the service life of pop-up drain valves and metal piping, and cause a failure.

Moreover, it requires replacement of pop-up drain valves and drain pipes repeatedly as time goes by, so additional purchase, installation, and repair costs are required.
SUPUNG pop-up drain valve can change such repeated paradigm completely for consumers. SUPUNG is not only a clogging preventive and cleaning free product but also can be used semi-permanently without replacement.
SEONGJIN Co., Ltd. was established in June 2017 in order to solve basin clogging problems that cause serious inconvenience for consumers and to develop and produce a clog-free basin pop-up drain valve for which an innovative idea is applied. Since then, the company has manufactured products applying new concepts and technology, and started to produce the SUS304 and SUS201 series products from Oct. 2019, made of incorrodible stainless steel even after long time use. Under the corporate philosophy of creative challenge, integrity, and consideration, SEONGJIN will keep challenging and creating new values endlessly for the happiness of human beings.

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