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[INQ. NO. 1911C48] EXOREX All in One Mask is total care mask pack and this one sheet of mask allows users to enjoy representative functional effects of mask pack: wrinkle improvement; skin protection; skin tone improvement; skin-soothing; and moist & nutrient supply. Hyaluronic acid and propolis extract can offer moisturizing and relieving effects to sensitive skin. Also, adenosine, panthenol, and glutathion ingredients can provide wrinkle improvement, soothing, and whitening effects, so dull skin tone can be improved and wrinkle can be controlled. Using environmentally friendly tensel sheet made of eucalyptus extract, the product has stronger absorbing ability and power to deliver active ingredients. Because it does not stimulate the skin, it is all-in-one product suitable to even sensitive skin.

EXOREX Intensive Moisture Cream is a product designed for stronger and concentrated skincare by using MultiEX BSASM, a patented natural plant extract, and Cordyceps sinensis, a natural present skin protectants, as well as purslane extract.
MultiEX BSASM is a skincare ingredient combined with seven natural plants with constant ratio and patented by the Korean Intellectual Property Office. Cordyceps extract, one of the top 3 best Oriental medicines, has effects of relieving skin inflammation and skin-soothing. Purslane extract accounts for 54% of the entire cream to present higher soothing and moisturizing effects of the cream base.
EXOREX Intensive Moisture Cream is effective in calming and alleviating various skin problems, inflammations, and irritation from outside, and it also offers moisturizing and antioxidant effects, bringing vitality to tired skin.
EXOREX Brightening Aqua Solution is a multi-functional solution that is composed of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, tranexamic acid and adenosine to provide whitening and anti-wrinkle effect. It moisturizes the skin directly and at the same time increases moisture retention ability to prevent moisture loss. In addition, it promotes the production of collagen and elastin, giving elasticity and vitality to tired skin due to aging and environmental factors.

BF Medical specializes in research and development on medical devices, medicines, cosmetics, and health foods using advanced genome detoxification technology, stem cell research, and next-generation biotechnology, while providing personalized health solutions through collaboration with domestic and overseas medical institutions. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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