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November 22, 2019


[INQ. NO. 1912C17] Soo Liquid VIVID Series is a brand with a strong impact by intuitively expressing the true taste.
The VIVID Series that distinguishingly expresses a blend of two different tastes is designed to enable smokers to enjoy e-liquid every day without tiring of the taste that might be nearly bland through the combination of fruits, desserts and others.
The VIVID Series was extremely well-received as all of the products were sold out at the International E-Cigarette Exhibition held in Shanghai, China, in 2018.

Considering that most of the products distributed in the international e-cigarette market are manufactured in the USA, China, the UK, Malaysia, etc., the international event was a good opportunity to show the excellence of made-in-Korea products to the world.

Soo Liquid MONSTER Series is another product family that also very intuitively expresses the taste. From the early planning stage, the MONSTER Series was packaged with characters familiar to customers. By producing relevant promotional items derived from the packaging characters, the MONSTER Series was manufactured in more market-friendly ways.

This is the most suitable brand at this time as the trends of the global e-cigarette market are changing into making more compact and small-sized devices.
All manufacturing processes are conducted at the company’s own facilities. And, professional perfumers are developing recipes for the company to produce high-quality brands.
Even as a latecomer in the sector, WPN is currently recognized as a brand that has the highest market share in Korea thanks to the outstanding expression of tastes and customer-oriented operation policies. As all of the manufacturing processes are carried out in Korea, the company is strictly managing the quality and is growing into a delicate and sophisticated premium brand as its professional perfumers are developing products.
Having launched its own brand VIVID in 2018, WPN has been challenging the global market, and received positive feedback from various countries, while trading with countries including Canada and Japan.

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