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November 22, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1912C07] Spaklean consists of addition-type collagen products made of 100% low-molecule fish collagen of nanoparticles and hair shampoos and hair treatments that contain natural safe ingredients and low-molecule fish collagen developed for scalp health.
Amazing Collagen Scalp Shampoo helps hypoallergenic daily scalp care and contains natural and patented ingredients. It takes care of hypoallergenic scalps and prevents dandruff with vegetable surfactants contained in it. The shampoo does not contain 20 harmful ingredients and was rated the “E.W.G Green grade.” The addition of collagen to the shampoo gives scalps and hair nutrients and oil-water balance.
Free of silicone, sulfate and preservative, all the ingredients scored a “green” in EWG’s Skin Deep® database.

Hydrolyzed Collagen contains 2% of Hydrolyzed fish collagen. The fast-absorbing collagen with smaller molecule weight which works to strengthen the hair strands and follicles and helps reduce hair loss and breakage.
Pure Medi is a patented cosmetic composition derived from Salicornia Herbacea and Phragmites Communis that promotes collagen production and involves in aging and hydrating scalp and hair.
Ecocert and COSMOS certified Hinoki Cypress oil and water, well known as the natural source of antimicrobial/antifungal agents, are helpful for promoting hair growth. 24 natural extracts, the proteins with propolis complex and two patented ingredients – WhiteKera SM and Pure Medi – work to naturally help reduce hair loss and improve the overall appearance of hair.

Decyl Glucoside is a natural surfactant suitable for sensitive scalp, creating soft and fine bubbles that clean the scalp and hair without irritation. It promotes healthier and fuller hair and minimizes hair loss, and provides anti-aging effects on the scalp.
Amazing Collagen Treatment keeps hairs strong and healthy as it contains keratin and amino acids in addition to collagen. Keratin and amino acids, the major constituents of hair, give elasticity to damaged and weak hairs. Pracaxia oil and hair nourishing acai oil which acts as a hair essence for Amazon natives make hair soft, sleek and nice.
Plant-based Olive Surfactant contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants such as vitamin E, tocopherols and polyphenols to nourish the skin. Therefore it can prevent skin from becoming dry and give vitality and freshness to the skin to make it healthy. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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