Korean Stir-fried Rice Cake


[INQ. NO. 1912C28] Miga Chu Luv Tteokbokki (seasoned bar rice cake) is made with carefully selected ingredients from the first stage of development in order to satisfy everyone as a healthful food. The product with bar rick cake and soup powder successfully obtained a Halal certificate for the first time as Tteokbokki. Foods with Halal certificates mean that they do not contain any pork at all and are even free from animal ingredients.
Recently, Halal certificates are given only to foods with selected ingredients that are produced through strict manufacturing processes. That is to say, Halal certificates go beyond its religious meaning at home and abroad. With a KMF Halal certificate, the company launched the product that can be freely enjoyed by various consumers at home and abroad.

As for rice cake products developed in the past, they faced technical limitations to maintain product quality as they need refrigerating and freezing during their distribution processes. But the company developed soup powder to maintain its quality even at room temperature.
Currently, Miga Chu Luv Tteokbokki is being exported to Malaysia, Brunei and the USA, among others. The company is currently negotiating with potential buyers from Mongolia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand for the export of the product. The company is also planning to participate in the Sial Interfood Exhibition in Indonesia in November and will continue to recruit dealers by country through business meetings during the exhibition. In Korea, the company is selling the product at K-MALL 24, an online shopping mall, and will supply it to a duty-free shop at Incheon International Airport.

Unione Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 to introduce Korea’s delicious and specialty foods to the world. The company exported its products to Singapore in the same year. Currently, the company specializes in exporting Korean food to 10 countries including Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Its products include microwavable Cup Tteokbokki that takes just three minutes to cook. Tteokbokki is one of Korea’s popular street foods.

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