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November 22, 2019

[INQ. NO. 1912C18] Icoach is a posture-correction device for static sports such as golf, archery, and shooting. With the device and its applications, users are able to correct posture conveniently regardless of where or when. It measures the user’s movement based on his or her base axis. With consideration of the user’s habits, behavior, and age, you can set up a preparation section and operation section. It provides alarms for unnecessary movement with its analysis and process.
Via its Bluetooth function and related applications, Icoach displaces error statistics and graphs regarding the user’s postures, while enabling the user to easily set the error range, time and frequencies of measurement. In addition, it is capable of monitoring the connection status with the device as well as battery level, managing the memberships through the server, and easily handling multiple data.

Hoon is a newly established company. The company has launched “Icoach,” the main product that the company has developed on its own. Icoach is a posture- correction device for static sports like golf, archery, and shooting. In order to provide value for its customers, Hoon wants to become an ever-changing company to offer them economical capability and emotional stability. It is aggressively making efforts to motivate clients for participation so that its products can be applied to various sports. Hoon is growing with its investors, and its products are in demand in many countries at GMV and GTI expositions.

The company is aggressively making its efforts to invite investment and generate stable profits for investors. It aims to reach the US$9 million mark for its sales in 2018 too, with an objective to grow and obtain recognition in Korea as well as abroad. It will grow with its investors, with its exclusive product, domestically as well as internationally. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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