Portable UV Sterilizer


[INQ. NO. 2003C01] Vray is a product to improve the living environment that prevents bacterial infection with maximized efficiency through quick, easy and hassle-free sterilization, as well as user-oriented design. Equipped with a reliable Philips genuine lamp and LG battery, it enables 99.9% sterilization within five seconds by using a reflector with high reflectance.
Vray is capable of sterilizing any material from small to large size and is effective both indoors or outdoors. It can be used at child care centers, kindergartens, schools, department stores, and hotels as well as at home.

Vray is equipped with two safety devices that are different from other counterparts. Using a specially coated safety lamp, it prevents secondary accidents caused by pieces of glass in case of lamp breakage, and automatically detects the tilt and cuts off the power.
PRIMETECH Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 and was first introduced to the market through major crowdfunding channels such as Kickstarter and Wadiz.

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