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Functional Shoe Insole | Korean Products

March 16, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2003C03] WEAR.FEET Functional Insole is an unrivaled insole product that can be customized to fit a user’s feet. By utilizing low-temperature thermoforming special materials of Rhenoflex, a German company, it simply changes into the forms of the feet. And, it is highly marketable as the price is reasonable. The heel part, which is made of the shock-absorbing material of PORON® produced by Rogers Corporation of the USA, minimizes the impact the heels feel when walking, while increasing the cushioning effect.
The part upon which the sole is directly placed is made of locally manufactured high-quality microsuede fabric to give a soft and comfortable feeling and to have an odor-prevention effect. As the insole stably supports the arch, fatigue felt by the feet, body imbalance, awkward gait and others are excellently solved. This insole product perfectly fits into any shoes.

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