Clog-Free Automatic Pop-Up Drain

[INQ. NO. 2004C02] SUPUNG, the world’s only pop-up valve that is not clogged, has overcome the structural and original problems of existing pop-up valves. In addition, it is a concept technology that solves the problem of clogging of washbasins without changing the appearance of the product, and will provide new value to consumers at a superior cost-performance ratio compared to other existing products.
Requiring neither cleaning to unclog the washbasin nor any cleaning tools, it saves money and time, and prevents water pollution without using any harmful chemicals to dissolve the hair.

In 2016, SeongJin developed the technology to solve the inevitable structural problems caused by foreign substances such as hair in the drain valves of washbasins and bathtubs, based on its management philosophy, “Creative Challenge,” and established a corporation in 2017.
It is the world’s only non-clogging washbasin and bathtub pop-up drain valves. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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