Natural Skincare Products

[INQ. NO. 2004C08] MEIDEME Gold Hibiscus is a skincare product that contains a high amount of a collagen plant called gold hibiscus. This product is rich in collagen, so it is effective for skincare, and it is also popular as a flower tea for it is rich in health-benefitial ingredients such as palmitic acid, gosifetin, oleic acid, betaine, and linolenic acid. It is effective for moisturization, and makes the skin firm and smooth.
MEIDEME Green Salvia contains a high amount of Korean cabbage. It provides not only a soothing effect but also a non-sticky moisturizing effect on the skin that is roughened by external stimulation, helping to maintain a healthy balance of the skin, and making the skin clean and comfortable.

MEIDEME is exported to Mexico, Southeast Asia, the United States, and so forth, and is growing into a global brand.
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