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June 25, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2006C05] Super Hydrating Gel is a newly developed soft hydrogel for intensive moisturizing care. This Soft hydrogel that contains various cosmetically effective ingredients and moisture in a specially designed gel matrix give enough nutrition and moisturizing to the skin.
The new concept of Super Hydrating Gel has been developing to make up for the weakness of Facial Essence & Standard Hydrogel Mask and upgrade their strength.
Hydrogel products developed by Hanwoong Inc. have a perfect fit

matching the facial contours with fast infusion of moisture and nutrients into the skin. It is an easy and convenient way to rejuvenate the skin with various formulations and multiple ingredients. It is specially designed for use on both the face and body.
Oil Gel Patch is a patented pure soft gel sheet consisting only of essential oils. It thus maximizes the active ingredients infused into the skin. This oil gel products create an oil barrier on the skin and prevent skin dryness. Hydrated skin with Oilgel becomes silky and soft.
Essence Mask is made by using natural ingredients to keep the face clear, fresh, smooth, relaxed, revitalized, and hydrated.
Hanwoong Inc. has been manufacturing and distributing the topmost skincare products since 2017. The company has been operating the business by developing and manufacturing a variety of skincare products suited to its clients’ needs based on efforts toward improving quality, competitive pricing, fresh packaging, and delivery on time.
Hanwoong acquired numerous patents and ISO22716 while developing new products constantly. As a result, the company offers advanced quality improvements to the cosmetic market with various skincare products to enhance its customers’ beauty and health applying convenient methods. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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