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July 24, 2020


[INQ. NO. 2007C12] Existing wipers in inverted triangle-shape are vulnerable to frictions when the edge of the blade is crushed and the glass touches a wide surface, resulting in noise and trembling. Moreover, the dispersed force causes poor wiping function, while the wiper blade is bent and hardened to cause a permanent deformation.
Equipped with a four-section link structure, Kimblade Wiper Blade has blade ends that are not crushed and the edges of always come into contact with the glass, thus performing the cleaning with concentrated load. Even when the wiper is pressed for a long period of time, the blade is easily restored and can easily change its direction to a wide bottom surface, minimizing the noise from contacts.

Kimblade Co., Ltd. has developed a four-section link structure blade that overcomes the structural limitations of existing wiper blades, which holds patents at home and abroad. It has ranked first in Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Inc., American crowdfunding services, as a wiper, and has been recognized for its product value by enthusiasts worldwide including Wadiz supporters.

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