Flower Tea Mat & Flower Basket


[INQ. NO. 2008C01] The Nubi Flower tea mat is made by reinterpreting the Korean traditional quilting process. The carefully quilted mat, which comes in the shape of flower petals, enables people to imagine a moment of a friendly conversation among fully bloomed flowers under the sun.
Nubi Flower Basket is made by folding the nubi flower mats and sewing them along the cutting line. A single design results in two completely different products, which highlights the artist’s clever and witty sense. Based on the fact that baskets are part of the tableware in the western culture, the artist created this basket with a touch of tradition.

The basket can be used flexibly as it does not have a fixed shape due to its fabrics made from cotton. It is hoped that this basket will find its place to fulfill various needs of different people, whether as a pot holder or a fruit basket.
Nubi Flower Basket has been designated as an Excellent Cultural Product in 2018.

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