Sliding Lock System

[INQ. NO. 2009C05] K-Buckle Sliding Lock System is slim, supports heavy loads, and has an excellent connection. Its convenient one-touch adjustment allows both tightening and loosening. The flat rail makes it easy to attach and allows a variety of designs.
This one-touch rail sliding lock system is composed of a regulator and a rail band, and is equipped with a metal buckle using the bending technology of steel plate and mass production of automatic molds, and a plastic regulator made by using metal casting or injection molding technology.
The main field of its application includes to increase the life of the pants by adjusting the waist circumference of the pants of growing students, and to reduce the stock for sellers by adjusting the size of uniform pants. It makes it convenient and easy to wear shoes, hats, bags, goggles, hard hats, watch straps, etc., by stretching it. It also eliminates the discomfort by fine-tuning the tightening and loosening it.

Established in 2016, KAVER is developing products made using an exclusive sliding lock technology. It is also challenging the retail markets including cable ties, basic industrial material, sports shoes, gloves, outdoor clothes with spring-integrated plastic buckles.
K-Buckle, hosting 16 patents related to buckles at home and abroad, is a new-concept functional product designed for a variety of daily necessities such as clothes, straps, belts, shoes, hats, helmets, bags, goggles, gloves, and watch bands. It has won the Gold Prize at the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition and the Grand Prize at the Suwon Startup Audition. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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