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September 21, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2009C11] Fuffly Lip Tint, featuring a remarkable coloration, contains six types of nutritional ingredients to resolve problems with make-up simultaneously and improve the health of lips that can move restlessly up to a million times a day.
Like A Shadow is a glitter shadow providing bright color and excellent coloration. This is double-sized eye shadow compared to the average size for users who used to buy a pallet set that contains eight colors of shadow unnecessarily because of only one favorite color shadow, or who were stumped because only one color is used up so quickly from a multi-colors pallet.

Blessedmoon Kit includes six types of core cosmetics. It contains concealer, cheek shadow, two types of eyeshadow, lip liner, eyeliner, brush, and mirror contained in the size of a lipstick. Because it is refillable, a user can make her own multi make-up kit.
Vita Kit is a skincare product that blocks external contaminants completely with an ultra-small sealed container to maximize the efficacy of vitamin influence on the skin. It provides convenient use, storage, and portability as well as solving hygienic issues.
The Blessedmoon aims to raise the level of beauty lifestyle for women throughout the world through novel challenges in multiple ways to maximize natural inborn beauty.
Since its establishment, The Blessedmoon has developed its own representative brand, Blessedmoon, and the company will lead the most trendy and beautiful fashion lifestyle through endless research and development in order to help create blessed beauty as in its representative slogan, “She is so blessed!” | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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