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September 22, 2020

[INQ. NO. 2009C13] Wearingeul is a book perfume for spraying on a book to enjoy reading with a pleasant fragrance from the pages of a book. It is a literature themed product that interprets literary writers and their works of art as a fragrance. It is created from the consideration that images form in a user’s mind when he or she closes the eyes and smells the scent, coinciding with the images conveyed by the author of the literary work.
It seeks to reinforce the depth of literature by adding interpretation that compares the appreciation of work and the author to a fragrance, such as Night of Counting Stars Book Perfume inspired by the Korean legendary writer Yoon Dong-Ju with the theme of “Book Perfume for Counting Stars at Night,” “Fragrance of Lakeside with Raining Stars on a Cool Breeze Autumn Night; and Sherlock Holmes Book Perfume with the theme of “Fragrance of Intellectual Feel with the Combination of Woody and Musk Senses”.

Since its launch in 2018, Wearingeul has started season 1 organized with 9 Korean literaure series and 11 Western masterpiece series, and is now selling season 2 for 5 types of Korean literature series and 5 types of overseas masterpiece series, and achieved more than a hundred million in sales.
“Wearingeul” has recently launched Season 3, organized with 10 types of Korean works and 10 types of overseas works.
AbleDesign Entertainment is an agency for Korean designers, established in 2018. The company discovers still unknown designers, plans and launches brands for the designers, and supports overall activities including making and selling the brand products.

AbleDesign Entertainment is now operating “Wearingeul,” a a synesthetic design shop about cultural art; “VENHO,” a Korean design brand; and “Synav” that designs the image of the Joseon Dynasty in a modern way. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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